After four successful years of soldout screenings, premieres, and dozens of excellent short films, the London International Short Film Festival ran online, using Eventive, in December 2020.

2020 Award Winners

Audience Awards

Feeding Lewisham (Cara Bowen)
Planted in 2020 (Santiago Bessai)
The Best Gift (Andrew T. Horng)
Vocal Painting (Carl Eneroth)
The Devil’s Harvest (Robert Dee)

Best Short Film:
Queen of Spain (Stephen Lowenstein)

Best UK Short:
Outlines of Love (João Cutileiro Nunes)

Best UK Graduation Short:
Planted in 2020 (Santiago Bessai)

Best Short Documentary:
Feeding Lewisham (Cara Bowen)

Best Comedy Short:
Colleagues (Aleix Massot)

Best Experimental Short:
Dishonour (Terrence Turner)

Best Sci-Fi Short:
Pallidus (Chelsea Jade McEvoy)

Best Horror Short:
The Devil’s Harvest (Robert Dee)

Best Animated Short:
Rushed (Roy de Haan, Bas van den Ing)

Best LGBT Short:
Only For The Night (LaQuan Lewis)

Best Holiday Short:
The Best Gift (Andrew T. Horng)

Best Short Short:
A Time To Fight (Frank Louis Pisani, Skip Giacco, Bill Cusano)

Best Music Video:
Canes Creek (Michael Everett)

2020 Schedule

Block 1: Shorts 1
We Are Here by Fadi Awad
Gravity by Gabriel Díaz
A Time To Fight by Frank Louis Pisani, Skip Giacco, Bill Cusano
Akhtarakam (My Little Guiding Star) by Ali Eskandarzadeh
The Best Gift by Andrew T. Horng
Out! by Ben Hull
Daisies and Sparrows by Ervin Han
Queen of Spain by Stephen Lowenstein

Block 2: Shorts 2
Canes Creek by Michael Everett
Rushed by Roy de Haan, Bas van den Ing
Her Warrior Self by Andrea Ware
Mail Companion by Beth Riesgraf
Low Down Larry Conquers The Moon Men by Sammy Verni
Only For The Night by LaQuan Lewis
Lilith by Galla Borowski
Celeste’s Dreams by Iona Morris

Block 3: Documentaries
Feeding Lewisham by Cara Bowen
Vocal Painting by Carl Eneroth
Planted In 2020 by Santiago Bessai

Block 4: Experimental Shorts
April Is The Cruellest Month by Andrea Gandini
Father, Camera, Daughter by Terrance Odette
Alive by Braden Joe
In Concert by Linda Girvin
Dishonour by Terrence Turner

Block 5: Sci-Fi and Horror
Pallidus by Chelsea Jade McEvoy
Same Time Next Week by Gigi Burgdorf
A Clockwork Heart by David Lawson
The Devil’s Harvest by Robert Dee

Block 6: Shorts 3
Hot Rod Lincoln by George Frayne
The Task by Neil Saul
The Chair by Ronnie Cramer
Colleagues by Aleix Massot
Outlines Of Love by João Cutileiro Nunes